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About Us

Traditional Mediterranean Taste, A Whole New Experience

Food culture, since history, has been an effort to seek, find and prove the best in the whole world, from individuals to countries. Over time, with many symbolic meanings such as sharing, expression of love and respect, sign of superiority, impressiveness and satisfaction, it has transformed from being a basic need to an art. Culinary art, which has become a culture over the years, is now a specialty in its own right, with its own sub-categories, competitions, juries and decisive authorities.

PinoRoble takes its place in this adventure that has lasted for centuries, with the experience and wealth of knowledge gained from 20 years of international gourmet products trade. It offers gourmet delicacies in the Ultra-Premium category that will go beyond the expectations of famous gourmets, chefs and you, who are looking for the new, natural and better, with top class taste.

Our story is based on our desire to share with you the passion and excitement of being Mediterranean. In this geography with the richest cuisines in the world, we start with what is ours; olive oil and mushrooms, and offer our gourmet products to your liking.

We share the Mediterranean style excellence by pursuing the best, the freshest and the most natural mushrooms and herbs, enriching the value and taste of the miraculous olive oil from the fertile lands of the ancient Mediterranean coast.

When it comes to olive oil, not only taste and odour, but also health becomes a very important issue. Obtaining an olive oil with antioxidant properties and high polyphenol values is crucial to us, that’s why we blend our experience and knowledge with science and only use our products that have successfully passed the tests of 72 criteria. We combine these unique oils with spices, mushrooms and citrus fruits so that you can experience the Mediterranean culture to the finest detail.

Mushroom, one of the greatest treasures of nature, which is used in many sectors and created its own culture with the events organised, has also an important place in our cuisine just like olive oil.

At PinoRoble, we see ourselves as a representative of the Mediterranean cuisine, and that is exactly why we use mushrooms as a bridge from daily snacks to sauces you can find in the most exclusive restaurants. We develop innovative flavours using porcini, white truffle and black truffles, which are among the most precious mushrooms, and work for the better every single day.

We continue getting appreciated not only by our individual consumers but also by famous chefs and restaurants, thanks to the different and innovative flavours we produce while preserving the traditional and natural characteristics.