The Benefits of Olive and Olive Oil


The main hero of our breakfasts is olive and the indispensable one of our tables, olive oil is the must of our meals... how should we explain, where should we start!

There is nobody who does not know the benefits of olives and olive oil. Let's take a look at it in detail!



Let's think about it. When we don't want to eat anything, there are a lot of meals that we switch with olive and cheese. The role of the olive in keeping us full here is quite large. The omega 3 and omega 6 contained in it are dramatically important for our body! On the other hand, the antioxidants contained in it can be called the best friend of our immune system. Antioxidants in olives protect and strengthen our immune system. The role of olives in fighting chronic diseases especially cancer is also quite large. It acts as a barrier in the body and protects the body against cancer cells. For children of a small age group, olives should definitely be added to the nutrition programs for developmental ages. In terms of bone and joint development, olive consumption is very important for this age group. For our eye and heart health, we should also consume olive oil abundantly. Now, we have counted the benefits. But, if it is consumed a lot, and especially if salted olives are consumed, it can be more harmful to our body than the benefit it provides. That's why we should consume the right amount of olives carefully and without salt.


Olive Oil

Olive oil plays a dramatic role in our tables as well as olives. We can say that we can't live without olive oil. We add olive oil to almost every meal we eat. In fact, olive oil is one of the nutrients that we should consume every season. Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, it is a nutrient that we can call cure-all. Its smell and taste are also quite intense and beautiful. So, it is not a nutrient that we will avoid consuming. But it's also necessary to consume natural olive oil. It must be cold-pressed, collected in season and not processed chemicals when coming to our tables. If this does not happen, unfortunately we will not be able to get the benefit we will get from real olive oil. Now, let's look at the benefits of olive oil. Olive oil plays the main role of our body in cleansing our liver, regulating digestion, strengthening our bones and accelerating metabolism. It contains a high content of calcium and minerals. So, it is also a miracle nutrient for us. Besides these, it is also good for our skin and hair care. It delays even the aging of the skin. It also has a strengthening and revitalizing effect on our hair.


The role of olives and olive oil in our lives is huge. It consists of healthy fats, we should definitely consume it every day and not disrupt it. We need to add it to our nutrition program both for our health and for our body. Use olive oil to last the longest!